WC Long Tasmania (2015-01-10)
Kategooria: Competition
Kaart/piirkond: Transit Flat
Riik: Australia
Ala: Long
Really nice long distance, perhaps a bit short for the top guys. I felt I had a good race in the beginning, and I was reasonably happy with my RC to the third. I did not optimise it enough in the middle part however, and should have run more left. The green and striped rough open was significantly worse than I had anticipated which cost me some time.

I missed the 7th quite badly, as I did not understand the mapping after crossing the river. Daniel Hubmann caught me 6 minutes by the 7th, and at that point I decided to put away my map and just try and follow him. Unfortunately Daniel made a couple of small mistakes, which probably cost him the race. It was nice to see the speed that he runs at! The rest of the race was a bit sloppy as I became more tired.

Overall an awesome end to what was the best Australian Orienteering Carnival I have been too.
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Sadly: Its really sad to see that you just triad to followers him instead of doing your on orienteering.
Sadly: Tried to follow
Matt: Its good to follow sometimes, to learn from the best!
Sadly : Not in a World Cup race.
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WC Long Tasmania (2015-01-10)