Nåsten Kontrollplockning (19/11/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nåsten
Organiser: Thierry
Country: Sverige
Distance: 9.51 km
Time: 73:28
Training that I missed from Sunday after hurting my foot the day before. Ran pretty slowly as I was still feeling the effects of Tisdagsbana. Technically, the session went mostly fine with some small msitakes to 13, 19, 29 and 35. Would have been nice to run at higher speed, as the session became a little "boring", but I couldnt because my foot is still not fully recovered and I did not want to risk it.
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Nåsten Kontrollplockning (19/11/2014) Nåsten Kontrollplockning (19/11/2014)