Nåsten Technical Träning - Natt (08/11/2014)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nåsten
Organiser: Me
Country: Sverige
Distance: 6.54 km
Time: 57:15
Well this was pretty hard. Really green in places, and quite difficult to hold the compass when there are so many small trees that require micro deviations. Started to lose it after the long leg, and the second corridor was just impossible. Did not start off very well, and then there was basically nothing to relocate off. Just a glimmer of map. Then my head lamp died....Fun, fun. Had to walk back, on a vague compass bearing, trying not to break my ankle. Finally managed to reach a path, and could get out to hågadalen. Awesome training. :)
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Nåsten Technical Träning - Natt (08/11/2014) Nåsten Technical Träning - Natt (08/11/2014)