Auckland Champs Middle (12/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: The Sawmill, Houto
Organiser: NWOC
Country: New Zealand
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 4.49 km
Time: 43:59
No really big mistakes (a bit of searching around 7 and 8) but a lot of places where I could have improved my route and saved time. To 2, should have gone up on the spur earlier. Really bad direction to 3 which meant extra climb. Went the wrong side of the pond to 7 so again ended up with a slower route and more climb. Should have gone high to 9. So overall, it was no woodhill and clearly I need more practice in this sort of terrain. Fun though :)
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Auckland Champs Middle (12/10/2012) Auckland Champs Middle (12/10/2012)