SOW Race 4 Part 2 (20/01/2016)
Kategori: Competition
Harita/bölge: Hourseshoe Bend
Disiplin: Sprint Chasing Start
Mesafe: 4.13 km
Zaman: 19:28
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Terje WIig Mathisen : Gene! This is pretty bad!
Did you run without your compass, or had you just forgotten everything you know about keeping the right direction, along with distance estimation/pace counting? :-(
Gene: Haha, I forgot everything basically. There was a number of us running together and we were going faster than I could read the map. The 1:4000 scale was making my distance estimation quite bad.
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SOW Race 4 Part 2 (20/01/2016) SOW Race 4 Part 2 (20/01/2016)