JWOC 2015 Coach's Race (10/07/2015)
Kategori: Training
Harita/bölge: Holtar
Organizasyon: JWOC 2015
Ülke: Norway
Mesafe: 6.41 km
Zaman: 34:48
Ortalama kalp atisi: 181
Maximum kalp atisi: 205
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Terje Wiig Mathisen : Mentally tired at the end of the week?

The 7th control would have been easy if you'd stayed on the ski track/ride into the open marsh with the large boulder.

To #16 it was probably OK to start along the big marsh, but then it looks like you forgot to angle back?

Anyway, it was great to host all the national teams in our mountain playground, we've looked forward to this for the last 3-4 years!

Personally I hope everyone on the US team liked the terrains and the maps we've spent those years making.
Terje Wiig Mathisen : Oops, sorry! I just realized that the .com doma address didn't matter: You're the NZL coach, right?

In that case, congratulations with the repeat Sprint win!
Gene Beveridge : Thanks for the analysis. I was having some trouble focusing this day with so many thoughts of the week rushing around in my head, especially with the rabbit start. Thanks for the competitions!
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JWOC 2015 Coach's Race (10/07/2015) JWOC 2015 Coach's Race (10/07/2015)