QBday Long (03/06/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Hydrabad
Country: NZ
Discipline: Long
Distance: 9.39 km
Time: 69:50
cool race w variety
all good on first in green taking caution, then 5 I took it careful from green blob on clearing edge but bearing mustve been off as ended up at next track and had to come back in, shouldve runright around after all-but you never quite know!
6 was stupid, amber caught me and we hooned down track and I didnt take enough notice of how far we'd run, she went too high but i stayed low and convinced myself it should be here until bunch of people pushed me further W still seems strange.
Tessa caught me by now too so hooned it away on open paddocks catching amber,
cool loops in open made you keep focused and small hills added up. tried route choice training on leg -14 because bored of following amber(dt lack of options) but it seems I lost time doing this and straight was again best.
stinky fire on way to 17 ugh
kept focus through stripe and nailed em. Good confidence level here

nice suprise to come 5th, it was a tough day, need to improve green techniques
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QBday Long (03/06/2012) QBday Long (03/06/2012)