Welcome to Cameron's digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

JEC Long (2018-10-07)
söndag 7 oktober 2018
Kategori: Competition
Bretaye, Swiss Orienteering, Switzerland
Tough terrain but amazing terrain. One day I will come back and conquer this place, sadly I was nowhere near up to the task today....
JEC Middle (2018-10-06)
lördag 6 oktober 2018
Kategori: Competition
Monthey-Collombey, Swiss Orienteering, Switzerland
Lost myself out of 1, direction to 4 and 5 and a horrible route to 10 cost me a lot of time. Ironically executed the two hardest l...
JEC Sprint Relay (2018-10-05)
fredag 5 oktober 2018
Kategori: Competition
Villars sur Ollon, Swiss Orienteering, Switzerland
Sträcka 2
Hilly and tough. Don't run swiss sprints off no hill training in a year!
Devon Middle Sim (World Orienteering Day) (2018-05-25)
fredag 25 maj 2018
Kategori: Training
Auckland (orienteering) Domain, Coach Devon, NZ
Nice sim set by Devon. Had good control throughout and a better than normal understanding of this map. Mistakes came on 9 (route o...
AOS 2 - No Compass, No worries (2018-03-24)
lördag 24 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Lake Kereta, NWOC, NZ
Pretty stoked to run mostly straight in this terrain without a compass - trying to get a bit more awareness of my technique before...
AOS 1 - Plantation Farm (2018-03-17)
lördag 17 mars 2018
Kategori: Competition
Plantation Farm, CMOC, NZ
Stable run, a poorly executed route on 5 and miss into the control was the worst mistake. Didn't think clearly about the route and...