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Welcome to Toby's digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from orienteering events I have attended.

3 Days of Belgium - Day 3 (09.06.2014)
Montag 9 Juni 2014
Tier des compagnons, Balise 10, Belgium
Was just walking but still made a really horrible mistake to 7. Had a lot of trouble matching the vegitation and there were some e...
3 Days of Belgium - Sprint (08.06.2014)
Sonntag 8 Juni 2014
Fourneau-St-Michel, Balise 10, Belgium
Casual sprint after the middle race, they measured the scale quite wrong and was more like 3km
3 Days of Belgium - Day 2 (08.06.2014)
Sonntag 8 Juni 2014
Ry Bellerose, Balise 10, Belgium
The contours were hand drawn and quite wrong in some places eg. the reentrant to 12 was actually tiny. Also a big clearing missing...
3 Days of Belgium - Day 1 (07.06.2014)
Samstag 7 Juni 2014
Bois de Bernihe, Balise 10, Belgium
Ran the first bit, was disappointed there wasn't more in the area around 6 and 7.
Jura O Weekend Long (01.06.2014)
Sonntag 1 Juni 2014
Les Riondees - Longchaumois, O' Jura and OC CERN, France
Just ran the short course, small mistakes on 2 and 4, ended up winning somehow.
Jura O Weekend Swiss Middle Champs (31.05.2014)
Samstag 31 Mai 2014
Bois de la Chaites, O' Jura and CO CERN, France
Really nice map, and I had a pretty good race, drifted a bit on 2. Also made small mistakes on 9 and 10.
Jura O Weekend Sprint (30.05.2014)
Mistake to the 4th, went right when I thought it was on the upper level, then switched to left when I read the description. Hadn't...
Jura O Weekend Regional Middle (29.05.2014)
Donnerstag 29 Mai 2014
Les Marais, O' Jura, France
Gps didnt't work between 7-8 and 12-20. I ran the first few and the section from 14, walked the rest.
Alsace Long Champs (18.05.2014)
Sonntag 18 Mai 2014
Camp de Bitche, ASOPE, France
Ran the first half because it was a bit long for my knee. Printing was messed up though; the erosion gullies where sometimes brown...