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Welcome to Max's digital orienteering map archive!

Maps and Route overlay from trainings, events, and competitions. GPS routes are captured on Garmin Forerunner 620

JWOC Long Pt. 1 (08/07/2019)
Monday 8 July 2019
Velling-Snabegaard, Denmark
Epic long distance as is to be expected at JWOC. Didn't have the strength to push hard to whole way in this kind of terrain. Very ...
JWOC Sprint Pt. 2 (07/07/2019)
Sunday 7 July 2019
Lyseng, Denmark
Flipped the map early so I could read ahead to the tight controls through to 14. Unforunatey hadn't read ahead to 15 and picked a ...
JWOC Sprint Pt. 1 (07/07/2019)
Sunday 7 July 2019
Lyseng, Denmark
First JWOC race for 2019! Cool map and area for a sprint. Unfortunately felt rather lethargic in places and struggled to keep flow...