Mats Ogdén (mogd001) - NWOC and OK Linné Löpare

Analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

Nelson HPTC 2020 - Black Night (22-02-2020)
Lørdag 22 Februar 2020
Kategori: Training
Black Hill, Me, NZ
Ran the course after putting the controls out (in some random order). Very challenging terrain in the day, let alone at night. F...
Isel Park Summer Series (19-02-2020)
Onsdag 19 Februar 2020
Kategori: Competition
Isel Park, NOC, NZ
Hectic in the beginning with a mistake to the second, but then got into the groove.
PROProductions Brown (16-02-2020)
Søndag 16 Februar 2020
Kategori: Training
Bannockburn, Albin, NZ
Very nice!
PROProductions Green (13-02-2020)
Torsdag 13 Februar 2020
Kategori: Training
Hawea, Fraser Mills, NZ
2 re-starts and still some terrible mistakes. But very technical orienteering, super cool!