Mats Ogdén (mogd001) - NWOC and OK Linné Löpare

Analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

Rainbow Rogaine (17-02-2019)
Søndag 17 Februar 2019
Kategori: Competition
Rainbow Ski Area, Nathan Faavae and Co, NZ
Insanely epic Rogaine.
Rainbow Ready (16-02-2019)
Lørdag 16 Februar 2019
Kategori: Training
West Bay, Me, NZ
Awesome training with Brent, Megan, and Pat. Focused on technique.
Big Bush Bonanza (15-02-2019)
Fredag 15 Februar 2019
Kategori: Training
Big Bush, Me, NZ
Night training with Nick Hann. Very demanding, stopped after 8 and headed home before midnight.
Pulpit Middle (30-01-2019)
Onsdag 30 Januar 2019
Kategori: Training
Pulpit Rock, Me, NZ
Final session before leaving Auckland on Sunday to move to Nelson. Some areas of the map have been severely affected by windfall ...
Rimmer Road Mass Start (20-01-2019)
Søndag 20 Januar 2019
Kategori: Training
Rimmer Road, Me, NZ