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Mats Ogdén (mogd001) - NWOC and OK Linné Löpare

Analysis from events and kick ass trainings.

Le Tour Stage 7 (08.02.2015)
Neděle 8 únor 2015
Kategorie: Competition
Lincoln University, PAPO, NZ
Nice end to the competitions! Full speed in a fun area. Not the best RCs to the 3rd and 27th, and then a kind of big mistake to th...
Le Tour Stage 6 (07.02.2015)
Mostly a good race, despite being pretty tired from the previous two days. Shitty route choice to the 15th, left was significantly...
Le Tour Stage 5 - Part 2 (07.02.2015)
Smashed 24 for some green singlet points, otherwise just easy pace.
Le Tour Stage 5 - Part 1 (07.02.2015)
Ran as an easy session.
Le Tour Stage 4 (06.02.2015)
Pátek 6 únor 2015
Kategorie: Competition
Diamond Harbour, PAPO, NZ
More of a middle distance than a sprint, and in quite tough/green terrain. My technique was pretty poor in the beginning, as I str...
Le Tour Stage 3 (06.02.2015)
Pátek 6 únor 2015
Kategorie: Competition
Orton Bradley, PAPO, NZ
Fun little night sprint.
Le Tour Stage 2 - Part 2 (06.02.2015)
A little scrappy in the green parts, but it was pretty green. To the 16th I didnt drop enough out of 15, should have run better on...
Le Tour Stage 2 - Part 1 (06.02.2015)
Missed the 5th, green was worse than I thought so then avoided it by dropping, whereas it was faster to attack the control from ab...
Le Tour Stage 1 - Part 2 (05.02.2015)
Strong finish, just one mistake to the 29th were I struggled to read if I could exit the control directly so decided to just go ou...
Le Tour Stage 1 - Part 1 (05.02.2015)
Good race! Two bad route choices to the 9th and 16th, but the rest was fine.